Dance classes for all ages and levels

Don't Miss Seven Dance Company's collaboration with Dawn Branch Works in "The Hour of the Unseen".
Seven Dance Academy students will be doing a special performance during the intermission!
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Seven Dance Academy's mission is to provide a haven for creativity and expression; to grow friendships, confidence and character, one unique student at a time.   

Seven Dance Academy is the official home and academy of Seven Dance Company. The Academy is dedicated to providing quality dance education to the community. We provide dancers of all ages and talent with a safe learning environment where they can grow and be inspired. 

     Seven Dance Academy offers students the experience and opportunities they need to become successful learners, while exposing them to the exciting world of dance. Dance class is a fun and positive way to allow your child to learn focus, discipline, and motor skills through creative movement and exploration. 

     It is our belief that providing a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere is the best way to inspire and challenge our students in the art of dance. Seven Dance Academy is not only a place for students to learn to dance but also to learn a skill and make friends that will last a life time.

     SDA is a ballet based competition studio which sets SDA apart from other studios. We believe that ballet is the foundation of all dance, and that it plays the biggest factor in creating a strong, well-rounded dancer. We offer our students a variety of art forms including; Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Tap, Hip-hop, and Gymnastics. Students are offered the opportunity to perform in the end of the year recital and to compete in dance competitions throughout the year on SDA’s competition team.

     SDA’s faculty members are highly trained professional dancers. We offer training with dancers that are not only certified to  teach, but have also worked in the professional dance world. Our instructors know what it takes to pursue a dream or to just dance for fun. Each teacher takes pride in their work and has a passion for sharing their love of dance with each student.

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8682 Cotter Street

Lewis Center, OH 43035