Competition Team Information

2019 Competition

2019 Competition


Competition Team information

SDA Competition teams are for dancers who are experienced, hard-working, motivated and show great sportsmanship. Competition level dancers are at the studio more than one night a week and make dance a priority over other activities. Class attendance is very important in order to stay eligible to compete. 

Each dance group will have an extra weekly rehearsal beyond their regular technique or recreational classes. If needed we may also schedule extra rehearsals. This is rare, but we would give plenty of notice to allow each dancer to work it in their schedule. 

All competition dancers are required to be enrolled in one ballet class a week at the very least. All Elite Level dancers are required to be enrolled in 3 ballet classes a week. 

What to expect during the Season

Competition & Entry Fees - We will participate in 3 competitions a year during the spring and nationals. Our younger dancers (mini team) will attend 2 competitions. Typically, the competitions are held in Columbus. If you are placed on a competion team you would be required to attend all competitions as well as spring recital. Each routine you compete in within a group will cost around $50 per competition for the entry fee. Solo entry fees are typically $100-$120 per competition.

Competition Tuition - Each group dance is rehearsed during a regularly scheduled weekly rehearsal time. Competition fee is $35 a month Aug-May. 

Competition Costume Fees- Each competition routine requires one costume. We try to keep costs down while still looking competitive on stage. Our competition costumes range from $85-$120. After being placed on a team your costume fees are due following the audition with the acceptance of your placement. This helps us to avoid charging too many fees throughout the year.  The costume fee is non-refundable. 

Solos, Duets, & Trios

If dancers are interested in participating in a solo, duet or trio (outside of the classes they were placed in) they must make a request as soon as possible in order to reserve a bi-weekly half hour time slot at the studio. This covers the price of your studio space and personal instruction. Not all dancers are selected for solos, duets, and trios. This is considered an advanced placement and the dancer most demonstrate the ability to handle this commitment before they are recommended for a solo, duet, or trio. 

SDA understands that this is a commitment not only for the dancer but for the family as well. We offer special tuition discounts for our competition dancers and family's in order to express our thanks to your commitment and dedication to your dancers' passion. 

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